Welcome to Maldives

Maldives is the love child of pristine white beaches and extravagant hospitality. One of the reasons why the island country is considered to be the best destination for honeymooners is because of the romantic ambiance that it spews. With its posh resorts, exquisite water villas, colourful reefs and water that's bluer than blue, Maldives certainly makes for one of the ideal places to visit.

Top Experiences in Maldives

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Male Atoll

Male Atoll is the largest city in all of Maldives and holds quite a lot of importance. It is easily one of the best places to visit as it does have some really fun attractions. Interestingly, weather is one thing you won't complain about when it comes to this tropical paradise. The monsoon season is predominantly present throughout the year which makes it quite idea


Maafushi island

Maafushi Island is one of the biggest and most beautiful islands in the Maldives. Located in Kaafu Atoll about 27 km away from the airport of Male, this island is home to over 2700 people. The island is an idyllic destination that strikes a perfect balance between lifestyle and convenience. It is rather easily accessible from Male Airport. Just hop on to a speed boat and enjoy your 45-minute ride to this beautiful island.


Baros Island

Experience luxury at its best at Baros island. With tiny exquisite villas perched over a cyan blue lagoon, you'd be lost in its beauty throughout your stay. Honeymooners would have quite the time of their life here.


Fihalhohi Island

If you have an eye for the aesthetics then Fihalhohi Island will not let you down! With water as clear as the sky and beach adorned with palm trees, you'll be amazed by the beauty the island has in store. Another perk of Fihalhohi is the Balinese level of spa treatment that you'll get to experience.

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